Friday, September 23, 2011

Stunning Albuquerque Sunsets During Destructive Wildfires

Stunning Albuquerque Sunsets During Destructive Wildfires.

Albuquerque NM is known to have some of the most gorgeous sunsets. This year the New Mexico and Arizona destructive wildfires of late spring and early summer brought blowing dust and soot over our area in the atmosphere but the positive results was some incredible sunsets. On some late afternoons the Albuquerque sky would actually look like it  was on fire or bleeding. This meld of events offered up some absolutely stunning beauty that would make anyone stop in awe of Mother Nature here in the High Desert.  Notice in some of these photos the smoke and soot. 

Smoke Filled Sunset In Albuqueruqe NM

Eye Catching Albuquerue NM Sunset
West Mesa Sunset In Albuquerque

Wildfires Cause Red Sunsets In Albuqueruqe NM

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